The evolution of clean, green cosmeceuticals and their role in wellness

What do consumers really want from their spa or salon treatments and at-home skin rituals? Studies confirm that today consumers expect treatments that provide a synergistic blend of safe, high-quality results, as well as a wellness experience that goes beyond the superficial.  New and exciting advances in clean and green cosmeceuticals allow businesses to provide tailored solutions to meet all these expectations. Michelle Reeve is a passionate educator in high-quality formulations and their effective application within the spa and aesthetic environment. In this lecture you will learn:

  • Why clean and green formulations can now hold their own in the cosmeceuticals arena
  • The criteria you’ll need in your toolkit to benchmark clean and green claims
  • What people want from their investment in professional skin treatments in 2021 and beyond 
  • New exciting ingredients in the space of spa wellness and at-home skin rituals that honour the mind, body, and soul. 
About Michelle Reeve

Michelle Reeve is a passionate aromatherapist, with a background of study in remedial massage, nutrition, and Chinese medicine. As well as having a passion and commitment to natural medicine, Michelle cherishes epicurean delights and beautiful experiences and this led her to create her own brand Waterlily, which she launched in 2004 after years of extensive research and development.  Today, the brand includes the Waterlily, Spaceuticals and Aroma Therapy Collections available for delivery worldwide and stocked in leading day spas in Australia and New Zealand.

Michelle is an advocate of clean and green cosmeceuticals, anti-ageing vitamins, revolutionary antioxidants and exquisite sensory plant extracts that create a melting pot of organic botanical luxury. Concentrated formulations focus on delivering visible benefits with an emphasis on purity, efficacy and authenticity while delivering opulent textures and a holistic ritual of self-care.

Michelle loves to share her knowledge with industry professionals, teaching them leading strategies and protocols in the efficacious use of quality formulations that can transform their clients’ skin and deliver a memorable experience.