The evolution of aesthetics and cosmetic medicine in the new decade

Aesthetics and cosmetic medicine are consistently moving towards an interesting fusion, with the professional divide becoming progressively more blurred. While each sector has its own scope of practice and qualification requirements, the compatibility of the different modalities is opening incredible opportunities for business growth and expansion.  However, there is a real art in the smooth and successful transition from one modality to another. Whichever way you look at it, these changes are consumer-driven, and studies confirm that they will continue to grow. Regardless of the status of the economy, Francesca Webster is a serial entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman who has developed business models within the beauty and aesthetics industry achieving multi-million-dollar annual turnovers.  In this lecture you will learn:

  • Understanding the new consumer mindset and how it has changed in recent years
  • Creating an effective blend of skin, wellness, and cosmetic medicine services
  • Areas to consider in creating your competitive advantage
  • Opportunities and risks
  • Understanding the effective pacing of progress
About Francesca Webster

Francesca Webster is a highly accomplished businesswoman.  Owner of the Brazilian Beauty salons which she grew at one stage to 21 successful salons with an annual turnover of over $16 million that created over 200 jobs, as well as the owner of the Australian Skin Institute (ASI) dedicated to training and refining her staff’s skills to meet with the evolving consumer demand of higher quality treatments.

Francesca owes much of her success to her motto to stay focused on process and procedure but be also undeniably passionate about adding measurable value to the client’s experience.

Since founding Brazilian Beauty in 2004 Francesca Webster has gained significant success in the highly competitive beauty industry, as well as its sub-sectors including franchising, digital marketing, training, and product development.  For her achievements, Francesca has been the recipient of numerous awards recognising her for her entrepreneurial abilities and her contribution as a successful franchise concept model.