Instagram on steroids

Every astute business owner knows that business growth requires a two-fold approach – retain existing clients, while continually reaching out to gain new ones and grow your database. As a business owner, to achieve these objectives you will need to maintain a consistent and effective communication strategy, profiling how your services and products will deliver incredible benefits and provide solutions to your clients’ needs. Instagram is one of the most powerful tools for this purpose, however, it must be used correctly to gain optimal results. Trish Hammond is a dedicated social media marketing expert who has developed many brands through her award-winning skills and knowledge: In this lecture Trish Hammond will present:

  • How to identify the most effective strategies that yield the best business-boosting results.
  • How to present real stories to make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Simple and effective ways to create powerful videos.
  • Mastering your Instagram platform for business growth.
About Trish Hammond

Trish Hammond is the founder of several innovative services all of which are associated with social media and all things aesthetic.  She is known as the Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Aesthetic Business Consultant, owner of| The Pink Room and| Anybodi Aesthetics.  Her services aim to help Aesthetic Businesses to grow their brands’ online presence as well as helping Aesthetic Patients in their recovery.

For Business owners: The Pink Room was created specifically for aesthetic businesses wanting to take charge of their digital marketing. After seeing clinic after clinic not getting the results they hope for from their social and digital marketing, Trish was prompted to start a training and mentoring business to help aesthetic businesses to master the skills for a more strategic approach to convert their social media to customer conversion.

For Patients: Trish as long provided advice and support for women and men considering and undergoing aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. After her own experience with weight loss, body reconstruction and aesthetic treatments she came to the realisation that quality, first-hand information about aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery was difficult to come by.