Glycation: a new understanding and effective treatments

Skin glycation is not just about cross-linked collagen. In fact, research is uncovering a new understanding of both the origin and treatment options for this condition. Glycation impairs the epidermal barrier from repairing properly, disassembling the dermal matrix, and causing an inflammatory cascade.  Glycation has also been shown to be involved in pigmentary changes, that are unrelated to melanin. Jacine Greenwood-Drummond is a qualified cosmetic chemist and beauty therapist and internationally recognised ingredient expert. This lecture will present the:

  • The new understanding of glycation
  • What effects glycation has on the skin’s appearance.
  • The latest updates on topical cosmetic ingredients available for treating glycation
  • The specific targets that need to be addressed with glycation, as new research is revealing a more complex pathway.
About Jacine Greenwood-Drummond

Jacine Drummond is an internationally recognised educator who is renowned within the aesthetics industry for her world-class knowledge on ingredient chemistry and its interaction and impact on specific skin conditions. With six Diplomas and a Bachelor of Nursing, Jacine’s expertise is incomparable and is highly respected by industry professionals.

Jacine possesses over two decades of experience as a Beauty Therapist combined with a comprehensive background in cosmetic formulation. Continuously evolving with her own education in all aspects of skin function and cosmetic chemistry, Jacine keeps up-to-date with trend patterns and active ingredients as they are being unearthed.

It is Jacine’s hunger and thirst for knowledge, her love of natural and herbal ingredients and her belief that solutions are possible if you pursue and seek them out, that remains the driving force behind the development of her own skincare brand Roccoco Botanicals