Developing and monitoring consistency in business growth

So many businesses struggle to maintain consistency in reaching their monthly targets and business growth. Is this stagnation due to outdated marketing and promotional methodologies, or is it the human factor of staff performance, particularly during more challenging economic times? With extensive experience and knowledge in both staff and business development Daniel Dickson, together with his wife Debbie, have developed one of the most successful brands in the highly competitive cosmeceutical professional skincare market. In this lecture Daniel, in his usual creative style, will present a step-by-step approach on the most effective strategies in increasing sales and achieving consistent business growth. You will learn:

  • The most effective business development strategies
  • How to benchmark if your services and products are meeting with changing consumer expectations
  • Do you need to update your business plan and how often should you do that?
  • What are the most important messages your staff should be communicating to your clients?
About Daniel Dickson

Being different by doing things differently is the key driving force behind Daniel’s success. An experienced and accomplished Managing Director with an impressive record of successfully mentoring Distributors and Clinics by offering comprehensive business solutions have earned him a reputation as a business turn-around specialist.

Daniel combines grassroots experience with a deep understanding of how beauty, cosmetic, and medical industries intersect, making him a highly respected industry leader.

Being passionate about business and empowering others to succeed, means that he regularly lectures at business, industry and university events in Australia, China, Vietnam, USA, New Zealand, and India on results-based skin revision, botanically based formulations, and business strategy.