Cosmetic injectables for the lower third of the face

One more lecture from Dr Giulia D’Anna …

There are many challenges in rejuvenating the lower face as it is the most compromised by gravity and other anatomical factors. For this reason, injectable solutions are often short of being truly effective if they are delivered with insufficient knowledge and experience of the lower facial area. Dr Giulia D’Anna is a renowned dentist, experienced cosmetic injector, and dermal therapist with unique expertise for dealing with these more challenging cases for facial rejuvenation. In this lecture you will learn:

  • Important anatomical considerations
  • Identifying the origin of the problem
  • What is possible?
  • How to time the treatment
  • Skin prep both for before and after the procedure
About Dr Giulia D’Anna

Dr D’Anna holds qualifications in Dentistry, Dermal therapies, and Cosmetic injecting and is the owner of her own clinic that covers three spectrums of service – dentistry, cosmetic medicine, and dermal therapies.

Dr D’Anna is a highly respected trainer and educator in traditional and new techniques for facial and skin rejuvenation, as well as in cosmetic medicine.  She is renowned for her innovative techniques that cross over several modalities to create amazingly natural and beautiful outcomes. 

Giulia is also the editor of APJ Journal and regularly contributes educational articles both for industry professionals, as well as for consumer-focused publications.