Colour principles for successful cosmetic tattooing outcomes

The success of a cosmetic tattoo procedures lies not just in the shape, but also in the effective colour that can transform a feature, enhance it, or make it more youthful. However, colour success is not just about colour selection, but also about method of application, technique, as well as understanding the condition of the skin as the recipient organ in which the pigment will be introduced. Maya Ercegovac is a principal trainer and educator. In this lecture she will share her wealth of knowledge, as well as her technical secrets on how to avoid problems in colour selection and stability. You will learn:

  • Updates on the principals of colour theory as it relates to tattooing
  • Why colour changes in the skin
  • The most common mistakes and misconception when choosing cosmetic tattooing pigments
  • Techniques for correcting colour changes
About Maya Ercegovac

Maya Ercegovac is a highly respected cosmetic tattooist and trainer, renowned for her artistic excellence and her exceptional standards of best practice.  She is a certified cosmetic tattoo practitioner and an acclaimed international master trainer and instructor. Maya is the principal of Holo Academy that reflects an artistic and caring legacy inherited by her European roots and her incredible dedication and passion for high standards and design excellence.  In March 2019 Maya was honoured to chair one of the sessions at the 4th European Congress of Tattoo and Pigment Research (ECTP) held in Inselspital Bern, Switzerland, where she also presented alongside ESTP Research Chairman Professor Jorgen Serup, Department of Dermatology Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. This year she will be a guest speaker at the 5th World Congress of Tattoo and Pigment Research in Amsterdam.