Clinical application of enzyme peels for enhanced treatment results

The popularity of enzymatic peels is constantly on the rise and for good reason as they provide additional benefits to chemical peels, while still delivering amazing skin renewal and effective exfoliation in a more skin-friendly manner. Fruit and vegetable-based, enzyme peels (depending on their origin), come in different chemical compositions, strengths and efficacy that can be chosen based on your treatment objectives. Additionally, they offer antioxidant benefits to support various skincare needs. Metro-Dora Clifford holds numerous qualifications and extensive experience in skincare formulations and advanced equipment technologies, This lecture will provide you with a comprehensive understanding on:

  • How do enzyme peels work?
  • How they differ and their benefits?
  • Strengths, safety considerations and efficacy
  • Enzyme peels vs acid peels – how to use both successfully.
About Metro-Dora Clifford

Metro-Dora Clifford is a clinical therapist and master trainer and educator of advanced protocols in both skin treatments and in leading equipment technologies.  Metro-Dora’s contribution to education has earned her extensive industry recognition and awards.

With over 30 years of experience, Metro-Dora has helped support thousands of salons and clinics in achieving success through cutting-edge technologies, techniques, and quality clinical skincare.  Additionally, her extensive knowledge and expertise she has helped numerous businesses reach their full potential in treatment outcomes and business success. Metro-Dora Clifford is the CEO of ClinicalPro and Clinical Skincare® an equipment distribution and skincare product centre with a leading reputation for quality products and training.