Beyond ingredients – new advances and concepts in cosmeceutical applications

As delivery systems are becoming more sophisticated aiming to instigate positive changes and more advanced treatment outcomes, they pose another consideration – what is the most effective sequence of application to ensure optimal skin improvement and advanced clinical results? New clinical studies are uncovering interesting data on why, when and in what order skincare layering should be applied. Dr Tiina Meder is a renowned and award-winning formulator and cosmetic dermatologist and educator. In this lecture you will learn:

  • Advances in skincare delivery systems and how do they impact treatment outcome
  • Why is the order of your product application important
  • How does the condition of the skin determine the best sequence of application
  • How to gain the optimal results from your treatments
About Dr Tiina Meder

Dr Tiina Meder is renowned internationally as a leading dermatologist and the formulator of Meder Beauty Science, an award-winning high-end microbiome friendly Swiss professional skincare line.

Dr Meder is a dedicated educator and a prolific writer of educational articles on skincare ingredients, where she unfolds the latest developments in ingredient and skincare research.

Her concepts are scientifically up-to-date, modern, and revolutionary.  Her philosophy is that cosmetic formulations, should be both bold, no-nonsense, and strictly scientifically validated, delivering leading results, while respecting and strengthening the skin’s natural constitution, without the need for aggressive and painful procedures.