Australian regulations for IPLS and lasers – an industry update

Within our industry, there is so much talk on the need for regulation for Laser and IPL services. While there have been several attempts to achieve regulated mandatory standards, an appropriate outcome has not been reached, despite two extensive efforts over several years involving comprehensive work undertaken by several industry-leading bodies under the auspices of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). Meanwhile, the incidents of burns continue to escalate, and industry bodies are once again pressing for the issue of regulations to be revisited. Dr Stephen Newberyis Principal Health Physicist, Department of Health for Tasmania. Dr Newbery was responsible for setting up the Tasmanian regulations. He understands the needs first-hand and is a foremost expert in the issue of regulations and radiation health.

In this lecture he will present:

  • Update on the status for regulation in radiation health
  • Gain clarity on the process
  • What course of action the industry must take to minimise risks
  • A review of the Tasmanian model and what has been achieved
About Dr Stephen Newbery

Dr Stephen Newbery is the Principal Health Physicist at the Department of Health, Tasmania. Dr Newbery is an experienced Health Physicist with a demonstrated history of working in Government administration initiatives.

He is skilled in Emergency Management, Health Physics, Nuclear Safety, Environmental Awareness, and Emergency Services. Strong operations professional with a BSc (Hons) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused on Physics from LaTrobe University.

Dr Newbery was responsible for establishing the Tasmanian regulations for the use of Intense Pulse Light licensing requirements for laser and IPL practitioners operating these modalities for the purpose of skin management and hair reduction. He has been an active voice for the establishment of regulations for these devices.