2021 COVID-19 update: the global vaccination effort

Moving forward from last year, it is time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue of “vaccines”. This has been a highly controversial topic that has brought uncertainties and confusion to many. Professor Walsh is a respected academic in the area of infection standards. In this lecture he aims to bring clarity by addressing in-depth information on the following:

  • Concepts of immunity and immunisation
  • The 5 major COVID-19 vaccine types
  • Vaccine effectiveness
  • Clinical trial pathways
  • Vaccine side effects
  • Vaccine hesitancy versus acceptance
  • Australian vaccine strategy, approvals and rollout will also be included.
About Professor Laurence J. Walsh

Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO is a Professor of Dental Science in the School of Dentistry at the University of Queensland. He undertook a PhD in immunopathology, starting his postdoctoral education at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and undertook his executive education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Management and at Harvard University.

Professor Walsh’s research interests and expertise are in advanced technologies, such as lasers for diagnosis and treatment, clinical microbiology as well as biofilm ecology, biocides and clinical infection control. Professor Walsh has developed a range of clinical systems and technologies, which are in global use.  He serves as an advisor on numerous professional and regulatory bodies including Standards Australia.

In January 2018 Professor Walsh was awarded as an Officer of the Order of Australia (OA), for his distinguished service to dentistry and to dental science education, as an academic and author and his contribution to improved health and safety standards.

Professor Walsh is also the author of the APAN educational unit 001 Pandemic Infection Control Program which is open to non-medical and medical practitioners globally.  https://apanetwork.com/course/pan001-pandemic-infection-control-program